Experts in Refurbished IT Hardware

At Innercomm Technologies we are specialists in the reconditioning of leading brand IT Hardware. In addition, we have hardware solutions that adapt to each and every one of the needs of your project.

Our experience is endorsed by a large number of companies from different sectors: datacenters, integrators, public bodies, educational institutions and health centers that we help to substantially reduce their operating costs.

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Purchase refurbished IT hardware at Innercomm Technologies

Innercomm Technologies is the supplier of high-quality, performance and guaranteed IT equipment preferred by countless public and private organizations.

Projects to which we provide unmatched quality reconditioned hardware equipment such as:


Desktop, laptop and all in one computers from the main brands, ideal for equipping any infrastructure in the most efficient way


Network hardware devices that optimize and facilitate the use of a computer network.


Powerful servers that provide resources, data, services, or programs to other devices.


High-performance workstations with more powerful processors, more memory, and enhanced capabilities for graphic design, audio and video editing, and engineering, science, or game programming projects.

Likewise, all the products that are part of our catalog are subjected to strict quality controls in order to maximize their capacity and stop planned obsolescence.

In this way we guarantee our clients the maximum performance of their IT equipment and the same durability as if they had purchased new.

Similarly, by opting for refurbished IT hardware equipment, you power the circular economy, reduce waste emissions and contribute to environmental sustainability.

RMA Policies

Replacement of damaged equipment in less than 72 hours or an alternative option at no additional cost.

Why buy refurbished IT hardware from Innercomm Technologies?

Innercomm is much more than a provider of refurbished IT hardware with the best price-performance ratio on the market.

Those who come to Innercomm Technologies to acquire IT equipment have access to many other services such as:

  • Lifetime warranty on all our network hardware (Cisco, Juniper, HPE).
  • Effective, safe and economical distribution to any part of the world on the same day.
  • IT Consulting (design, implementation and maintenance).
  • Advice during the purchase and post-sale process.
  • Replacement of faulty equipment in less than 72 hours.
  • Dropshipping shipments

Budgets and shipments

Quotes from our stock and shipments anywhere in the world on the same day.


Whatever your sector, we have hardware solutions and services, adapted to your needs, that will help you reduce your operating costs.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Innercomm Technologies we are committed to the health of the environment. Our refurbished equipment contributes to the circular and sustainable economy. Every day we work to improve our procedures minimizing our effects on the environment.

With the distribution of reconditioned equipment, the manufacture of new equipment is reduced, which is why the harmful effects that this activity produces on the environment are also reduced. It is an effective strategy to mitigate pollution.

One of our priorities as a technology company is to promote recycling and sustainability through the distribution of reconditioned equipment that promote the circular economy.

Also, you have nothing to worry about. All of our products are serviced and repaired so they can continue to perform at their best.