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At Innercomm Technologies we are distributors of new and refurbished network hardware from the leading brands in the industry such as Cisco, Juniper and HPE. We can advise you to equip your infrastructure with the best network hardware devices, according to your needs.

Network hardware devices

The main network hardware devices needed to create fast, efficient and secure computer networks are:


  • Fixed and modular LAN switches
  • Distribution and access LAN switches (L2 and L3)
  • Switches with speeds from 1G to 100G


  • Integrated Services Routers
  • ASR Aggregation Services Routers
  • Integrated Services Virtual Routers

Wireless technology

  • Access Points
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Programs for user and access management

Network security

  • Secure access programs with context identification
  • Next generation firewalls

Network Administration

  • Network performance analysis programs
  • Unified Communications System Management Devices

WAN network optimization

  • Devices for optimizing applications and connections between sites
  • State-of-the-art firewalls for WAN and LAN filtering

The most advanced network hardware at the best price

Equipping your infrastructure with the best networking hardware doesn't have to be expensive.As evidenced by our catalog of hardware appliances, packed with new and refurbished products from the best manufacturers. Articles, the latter, which have been thoroughly reviewed to verify that each and every one of the pieces that compose them are prepared to provide maximum performance to their users. Of course, with up to a 95% discount compared to the manufacturer's priceand with a guarantee superior to that of the manufacturer, specifically in the Cisco brand we offer a lifetime guarantee to the end customer. But this is not the only advantage offered by buying network hardware at Innercom, since all our customers have access to a technical department certified by the manufacturer that responds to any problem, including the replacement of any damaged product within a maximum period of 72 days. hours. If you are looking for a network hardware provider, in Innercomm Technologies you will find the best options on the market.