Equipping your infrastructures with powerful equipment, capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously and with large storage capacitiescan cost much less than you imagine.

Take a look at our catalog of refurbished workstations to see how affordable it can be to enjoy a portable or stationary workstation with features far above those offered by conventional computers.

Find the workstation your organization needs

Finding a workstation that meets the needs of your company or institution is essential to improve the productivity and efficiency of your collaborators.

That is why at Innercomm Technologies we have an IT consulting department that accompanies our clients throughout the entire purchase process, or rental of workstations and other hardware devices.

The best workstations to boost your project

There are more and more business projects that require powerful, stable, resistant and reliable computer equipment to be able to meet their objectives.

The advantages of workstations over conventional computers are several:

  • Increased reliability: All the components that make up a portable workstation or PC are of high quality.

  • Smooth productivity: They are built with more stable and resistant hardware that allows you to complete those tasks that demand maximum performance from your computer in much less time.

  • Professional graphics cards: they have graphics cards specifically designed to facilitate work with simulation files, 3D animation, augmented reality, medical images or intensive graphics applications.

<h3Top Brand Refurbished Workstations

In addition to working only with the leading brands in IT hardware such as HP, Lenovo or DELL, at Innercomm Technologies we have a quality department that is responsible for thoroughly reviewing each of the components of our reconditioned computer equipment.

So, if you are looking for a high-performance and totally reliable portable workstation or workstation pc, don't hesitate and contact us.