Distribution of IT hardware for Companies

Innercom Technologies has different highly specialised business units that can provide efficient IT solutions and services to a wide range of businesses and organisations.

Innercomm also makes it possible for companies and public institutions to contract an end-to-end service that includes everything from IT systems design to advice on choosing the best equipment to meet their needs and maintenance requirements.

Whether you’re looking to equip a public or private institution, regardless of the industry you work in:

we have hardware solutions and services adapted to your needs that will help you reduce your operating costs and achieve your goals.

Buy IT hardware for your company

Some of the many hardware appliances for companies in our catalogue include:

Network hardware devices that make it possible to use a computer network.

  • Ordenadores de las mejores marcas.
  • Workstations de alto rendimiento para profesionales que necesitan equipos potentes para poder desarrollar sus proyectos.
  • Servidores que proveen información y respaldo al resto de computadoras de la organización.
  • Periféricos como teclados, ratones, discos duros o monitores simples y táctiles y mixtos de entrada y salida de información como pendrives, memoria USB y SSD.

IT consultancy for companies

At Innercomm we understand that every company is unique, which means that it needs unique technological solutions that adapt to its specific characteristics and objectives.

This is why we have a consultancy department that aims to analyse each project individually to offer the IT equipment that best suits your business strategy.

We offer our clients the option of buying, repurchasing or renting new and reconditioned hardware equipment from leading manufacturers.

Hardware that we send to your facilities already pre-configured in our lab to reduce shipping costs to the maximum, as well as deployment and coordination times.

Business IT Services

Innercom Technologies is much more than a supplier of IT equipment for companies, since all our customers have access to a series of IT services that include:

Support during the purchase process and troubleshooting once the equipment has been received and installed.

Efficient, secure and cost-effective same-day delivery anywhere in the world.

Replacement of damaged equipment in less than 72 hours or exchange for an alternative with the same or better performance at no additional cost.

Lifetime warranty on all our network hardware (Cisco, Juniper, HPE).