Are you looking for the highest quality at the best price? At INNERCOMM we offer refurbished computers from the best brands and fully guaranteed

> CHOOSE refurbished computers

Our refurbished computers have been tested by our technical department to ensure maximum reliability.

We always offer top-level brands, such as HP, DELL o Lenovo, always at the best price. In addition, we take care of the most important details, that’s why we work with the best components of the market and offer a 2-year warranty.

We cover the entire range of Intel processors, so they adapt to the needs of any environment, from hospitals and educational centers to SMEs, large companies and public sector.


> Different formats, unique quality

Each client has preferences and each working environment meets certain requirements. That’s why we have a wide range where all formats have a place.

Discover the wide variety of models among which you can choose and decide which is best for you.


> Configure-To-Order

We specialize in CTO configurations, an advantage when choosing the computer equipment for your business without neglecting the budget.

Our technical department will help you to select the best according to what are your real hardware and services needs.

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