Computers for Schools and Educational Institutions

The emergence of the internet and new technologies has caused a true technological revolution in the classroom.
Where before there were pencils, sheets of paper, books and blackboards, there are now computers, tablets, projectors and endless interactive technological devices.

Tools, all of them, that students must master in their professional future and that are essential so that educational centers can develop the talents of each student, promote their multiple intelligences, resort to cooperative learning and implement the project learning.

Processes that inevitably go through the equipment of the centers, not only with computers for schools capable of adapting to the educational needs of the different levels of learning, but also with networks and servers that allow access to online educational resources.

The integration of technology in educational centers

The objective of the educational system, from the first stages of childhood education and until the end of university education, isto prepare citizens to integrate in the best possible way in a social and labor worldin where technology is becoming more and more important.

And it is that, according to different experts, new technologies facilitate and enhance human learning and allow students to be more autonomous and feel less frustrated, as well as facilitating self-assessment and helping them access different resources.

Ordenadores configurados para centros educativos

Whatever the characteristics of your educational center and the needs of teachers and students, at Innercomm Technologies we have hardware solutions and services adapted to your needs.

That includes, from computers for schools of the highest quality, performance and guarantee, to all the peripherals necessary to get the most out of educational technology.
Equipment from the leading brands you can buy , repurchase or rent, both new and reconditioned. An option, this last one, that will allow you to save up to 95% with respect to the original price of the manufacturers.

In the event that you decide to equip your educational infrastructures with our refurbished IT hardware, you are interested in knowing that:

You can receive advice, both during the purchase process and once you have received the computers for schools and the rest of the educational hardware.

You will have access to an IT consultancy service that will help you design, implement and maintain your educational equipment.

In the event that any equipment arrives damaged, it will be replaced within 72 hours and, if it is not in stock, you will be offered an alternative option at no additional cost.

All our network hardware has a lifetime guarantee .