At Innercomm Technologies we have computers, workstations, high-power servers, network hardware, peripherals and software adapted to the needs of each sector and institution that needs technological or computer equipment.


Refurbished IT hardware tested by professionals

Refurbished hardware is one of the most recurrent and efficient solutions in terms of technological equipment for large companies or institutions.

You can achieve savings of up to 95% on the final price of the main manufacturers, without this implying the slightest loss in terms of quality and guarantee.

All our products are subjected to strict quality controls to guarantee their performance and maximize their durability.

By doing so we not only ensure the maximum performance of your hardware, but also that it will, at least, last as long as if you had bought it brand new.

In addition to all these advantages, those who decide to purchase their preowned IT equipment at Innercomm have access to services such as:

  • Lifetime warranty on all network hardware.
  • Distribution to any point on the planet on the same day.
  • IT Consulting for matters related to hardware design, installation and maintenance.
  • Advice during the purchase process and support once the equipment has been received.
  • Replacement service for damaged equipment in less than 72 hours or offering an alternative with equal or better features at no additional cost.

Institutions and sustainable development

In a context like the current one, in which citizens are increasingly aware of the protection of the environment, the institutions that work for sustainable development and climate action are interpreted in a very different way from those that do not they do.

That is why it is more and more common to see projects that promote the circular economy, are committed to reducing waste emissions and contribute to sustainability through much more measures. respectful with the environment, such as, for example, purchasing refurbished computer equipment.

Buying refurbished IT hardware at Innercomm Technologies only offers advantages.