Lifetime warranty

Conditions of the INNERCOMM guarantee

1 – The customer will ensure that deliveries are made correctly, without being damaged during transport. Otherwise, you must report the damage caused by the transport company within 24 hours. In no case, Innercomm Technologies (hereinafter Innercomm) is responsible for damage caused during transport.

2 – Once the product has been received, and in the event that it does not work correctly upon receipt, the customer must notify us within a period not exceeding 5 days from receipt.

3 – The guarantee will only apply if the following conditions are met:
a. Payment obligations have been met in full.
b. All tests provided by Innercomm have been performed.
c. No outside company has tampered with the product physically or logically, either by modifying the software/firmware or changing the settings.
d. The client reports the problem in detail, and in our facilities we verify that this is the only fault with the product.
e. The customer is the one who made the purchase directly from Innercomm Technologies, and at no time has the product been transferred or sold to a third party for its subsequent acquisition.

4 – The warranty excludes the following cases: accident, poor configuration, voltage surges, disasters such as floods, fire, storms…

5 – The guarantee will not be transferable or assignable to another company that has not directly purchased the product through Innercomm or any of its associated companies.

6 – All Cisco, Juniper, and HPE branded networking products have a lifetime warranty for end customers, provided they purchase the product directly from Innercomm. For resellers, brokers or any company that resells the product or service, the guarantee will be 90 days. All new products are excluded from this lifetime guarantee, which will apply the guarantee specified in the order and invoice.

7 – The rest of the products in our range have a 1-year guarantee for the end customer, except for the particular conditions that each order and invoice may have, in which the guarantee associated with each will always be specified. one of them, and which will prevail over the rest. For resellers, brokers or any company that resells the product or service, the guarantee will be 90 days.

8 – The return shipping costs are borne by the customer.

9 – Innercomm is not responsible for loss of profit or income caused directly or indirectly by equipment malfunction.