Support and Post Sales Service | Innercomm Technologies

At Innercomm Technologies we offer all our clients personalized computer support and access to a pre- and post-sale service that advises them during the purchase process and resolves all their doubts once they have received their IT equipment.

For this, we have a professional after-sales service department prepared to provide fast and effective solutions strong> to the problems that constantly arise in the technological field of the company.

Computer support and services at Innercomm

At Innercomm Technologies we do not limit ourselves to equipping your infrastructures with the best and most advanced IT hardware on the market.

In addition to buying, selling or renting IT equipment from the best brands, at Innercomm you will also find a complete support department and comprehensive IT services so that you only have to worry about growing your business.

Some of the services we offer to our clients are:

  • IT hardware consulting (computers, workstations, servers, network hardware and other IT equipment components).
  • Advice for the installation and maintenance of IT equipment, wireless and wired networks, routers, servers and workstations.
  • Multi-channel remote support.
  • Software update and operating systems.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Virtual maintenance.
  • Post-sale service in which you can solve any doubt related to the management of IT hardware.
  • Replacement of damaged equipment in less than 72 hours or replacement for an alternative at no additional cost.

Innercomm Technologies after-sales service

At Innercomm Technologies we have a support and after-sales service department that offers technical assistance in the computer area to resolve any doubts and inconveniences that may arise once you receive any of our products.

Unlike what happens with other companies, at Innercomm we feel we are strategic partners of our clients, to whom we provide 100% customized solutions, according to their needs and possibilities.

And not only that, since we are also committed to carrying out a constant search for advances that allow them to improve their management, their internal communication, their production routines, their productivity levels and achieve maximum savings. on your IT budget.